Aakash Development Ltd. entered the Bangladesh real estate sector in 2015 with an aim to cater to the ever growing demand of exclusive residential and commercial spaces and within a very short time, it has successfully become a symbol of prestige and reliability in the target audience.

Aakash promises to ensure quality, maintain transparency and deliver on time with innovative architecture, fine craftsmanship, supreme materials and modern technologies giving ultimate satisfaction to the clients. It lends ears to the clients and makes efforts to deliver the results with impeccable perfection in timely manners.

Aakash strives to excel to delight its stakeholders by exceeding their expectations consistently. The resource team at Aakash is the heart of the company and is equipped with dedicated and well trained professionals who creates new pathway of success. The management is committed to the development and safety of staff at all levels across its offices and sites.

Aakash upholds great ethical values and keeps on exercising and demonstrating transparency across all levels and activities. Aakash believes in protecting the environment and hence, would continually embrace advance technologies to build greener structures while optimizing the usage of all natural resources.

Aakash pro-actively participates and strives for social progress for the overall excellence of the people, community, society and the country.