Aakash Square

Keeping in mind the importance of aesthetics in today’s work environment, significance have been given to natural day lighting and quality air ventilation system. In view of maintaining health, safety and environment, non-toxic and eco-friendly materials and processes have been adapted. Aakash Square can be a top of the line office premises a business can offer to its management, clientele and employees.

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Aakash Square

Aakash Square is a 13 storied prominent commercial building located in the industrial center of the city, Tejgaon. The multifaceted structure is ideally located to house financial institutions, corporate houses, telecommunication service providers, etc. The posh building offers prime location, easy access, exclusive exteriors, stylish interiors, heighten and safety, technologically-advanced facilities to help boost employee satisfaction, creativity, productivity and business profit.

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Shamsul Aakash Center

Aakash Center is a premium commercial building at Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi offering all the amenities of modern day workplace. It is purely an office building with comprehensive amenities and is progressively designed to offer open, creative, and collaborative workspaces across floors to boost employee morale and productivity.

Aakash has paid minute details to create healthy and comfortable working ambience with wide floor lay outs and ample sunlight exposures. The 14 storied building offers designated parking spaces in 3 basements with energy efficient features making it an ideal premise to own as your own workplace or as an profitable investment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Aakash Developments Ltd. is an established name in the real estate sector of the country. As a responsible business entity of Bangladesh, we promise to cater to the continuous empowerment of our communities and save our environment while building a positive brand.

We are constantly thriving to make our surrounding societies better for the inhabitants and build long term economic programs. Aakash Developments Ltd. is committed to protect the environment by adapting efficient construction methods and eco-friendly materials, we use low energy consuming machineries and advanced technologies with modern accessories for sustainable impact on the environment.

Building strong relations with all stakeholders and strengthening our corporate image are in the heart of the organization.

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